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Microneedling For Hair Loss - Reviving Your Roots


Hair loss can be a common problem for most people. There are several reasons why you may be facing such issues regularly. You must be tired after applying thousands of natural home remedies and still not benefiting your health. Cosmetic surgery can be a good option, but it also requires specialized care. To help you with proper hair transplantation, you can opt for a Microneedling treatment. It is a cosmic surgery that can be performed on you and will help you to regain the lost hair. If the conception is new for you, this is a complete guide on Microneedling for hair loss that you can follow. Scroll down below to know all about the concept of Microneedling.

What Is Microneedling?

Almost everyone is unaware of the concept of what Microneedling is and how it becomes effective. Microneedling is a complete surgical procedure that involves steps of cosmetic surgery. It is mainly used to treat the skin concerns that can be shown with the help of the collagen products. This procedure is an injection therapy that makes sure to regain the lost hair from the skin. It can also be used for multiple other purposes like acne scars and stretch marks.

The procedure of Microneedling also involves multiple other locations such as eyelid and sunspots. This is the reason why Microneedling has become such a popular option for everyone to use. This is the reason why most of the people try to opt for a complete Microneedling surgery for your skin cosmetic needs. It is not only effective for hair loss, but it also improves the health condition of your skin.

Microneedling is a vast concept and it can be applicable for you as well if you are undergoing a complete makeover or hair transplant. The only concern is that you need to be fit and good in health to undergo the Microneedling surgical treatment.

If you are planning to opt for a Microneedling treatment for the hair and the skin, you must consult a medication for your needs. This will help you to gain a piece of complete knowledge about how Microneedling works and what benefits can it bring for your skin and hair.

Mechanism Behind Micro-Needling - How Does It Work?

Honestly, many people are scared of the term Micro-Needling. This is mainly because of the term "needle" and we are more or less scared of that. However, if you think that the micro-needling process is painful and is quite difficult, then you are wrong.

A micro-needling process is quite comfortable and easy to do with no downtime if you are doing it from an expert. Today, in this article, you will get to know the mechanism of micro-needling for hair loss.

  • Before starting with the treatment, it is essential for you to have your hair washed thoroughly. This is because you need a clean scalp to do further process. Don't apply any kind of gel, wax or clay on your hair before the procedure to avoid ineffective performance.
  • Coming to the next point, the expert will check out the areas where you are losing your hair. It is mandatory to know the exact areas from where you are having hair loss to get the perfect result.
  • Then the expert will clean the area with alcohol to disinfect it. The whole process may take 20-40 minutes and depends on the size of the area the treatment will take place. And lastly, the expert whom you have consulted will apply Minoxidil 5% and will then gently massage the treated area for about 5 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Micro-Needling For Hair Loss?

There are different ways that a micro-needling can help you if you are suffering from mild to severe hair loss. Here, are some of the benefits listed below:

Collagen Reorganization

Generally, you will find scar tissues or fibrosis are the disorganized collagen. They get deposited underneath your skin layer. Using the micro-needling process, the micro-injuries will take place. As a result, it will help your skin to destroy the unorganized collagen and enhance the production of new and organized collagen. Furthermore, you need to acknowledge that no micro-needling can penetrate deep enough to cause new tissue scarring. But for that, you need an expert to workout with the process using the right needle length.

A Provision In Growth Factor Increment

Micro-needling is a very effective process if you are willing to grow your hair. It stimulates the production of hair growth factors that includes fibroblast growth factors along with that the platelet-derived growth factor. And these two growth factors play an important role in regulating your hair growth cycle.

Improves Topical Absorption

If you are opting for a micro-needling process, you must be aware of the fact that it will create micro-tears in the epidermal layer of your skin. It is easy for the topicals to penetrate through the subcutaneous as well as the dermal layers. Now, the subcutaneous layer is the layer where the hair follicle bulge rests. Theoretically, it is proven that these allow the topicals to have a huge effect.

What All Aftercare Is Needed For Micro-Needling For Scalp?

Micro-needling is a very sensitive procedure or treatment. So you need to be a little extra cautious with the aftercare of the scalp. Here you will find two must do aftercare for micro-needling for the scalp.

  • You must keep your scalp and the treated area clean for a few days after the micro-needling process is over. This is because the process may cause you tiny wounds on your scalp that may lead to infection in many cases.
  • It is quite likely that your scalp will be sensitive to the sun after the micro-needling treatment is done. This happens because the treatment creates tiny pores in your skin layer. Sunscreen is mandatory to use regularly. Also, you must wear a hat that will protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays when you are outside in the sun's exposure.

Does Micro-Needling For Hair Loss Hurt?

Firstly, determine whether you will be doing the micro-needling at home? If yes, then you should be aware of the fact that you will be puncturing your skin. So, the treatment will not be a pleasant one. Right? However, the level of pain depends on how aggressive the treatment will be.

Keep in mind that bleeding will take place in any case- in lighter treatments you get pinpoint whereas in heavier bleeding in case of deeper treatments. It is recommended to use non-irritating and allergy-free products for the first 24 hours after the treatment as the skin remains open for that time.

It is always great if you take expert help for micro-needling for hair loss. Usually, the less the pressure is the less chance of you getting hurt. An expert keeps in mind several factors such as product materials used, the area covered, sensitivity, etc, to proceed with the whole process further.

How Often Should We Opt For Micro-Needling Frequencies?

Having a micro-needling procedure done more frequently, you may face two severe issues such as the risk of cancer and scarring. This happens due to deeper needle penetration along with the needle length and the amount of pressure given. So, it is recommended you keep in mind certain factors before you opt for another micro-needling session.

Recovery time is mandatory for you to consider before you opt for another treatment. Yes! Once you are done with the first micro-needling session, there may occur inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. If you want to keep your scalp safe and prevent causing cancer, then you need to give a good amount of time to cure all these stages that happen right after the first micro-needling session. Generally, a session lasts for around two weeks but it depends on the area of treatment as well as the expert.

How Long Will It Take To Grow The Hair?

Microneedling is a highly effective procedure for growing your hair. The exact time that you will need only depends on case to case and also multiple other factors. The hereditary factor is one of the major reasons why most of the people face a delay in the growth of hair. However, there is no such limited period that you will grow your hair in a specific time. To get the right growth, you must keep on continuing the Microneedling sessions for a regular interval. This will allow you to grow the hair as per your necessities. In most of the cases, the period needed is usually in between 1-3 weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects For Microneedling?

Any cosmetic procedure comes with a slight amount of risk and side effects. Microneedling is not an exception from all of them as well. This too may have some minor side effects. Although when a Microneedling surgery is done, the side effects should not be much. Still, if you find major issues like skin irritation or a big infection, you must call the doctor immediately. Below are some of the possible side effects for Microneedling procedure. You can have a look at them and be sure if you need to go forward or not.


Bleeding is a very common issue for any surgery. When you are undergoing the procedure of Microneedling, it will impact the skin tissue. When needles pierce through the skin, it will allow the infected blood to flow out of the skin. As a result, you may see minor bleeding from the hair roots. Make sure that you get a fast treatment because excessive blood loss could create a severe pain to the head even causing a migraine.


The concept of bruising is not very common when it comes to Microneedling. This completely depends on how the pressing of the needle is. When you have a bruise, the result is a discolouration of a skin in which it turns from black and blue. This can only happen if some of the needles have accidentally touched the nerves, in case of this, you may face severe trauma. If this happens, you need to contact and take admission to a hospital right away.


When you go with a Microneedling treatment, it leaves the hair follicles open. Recovering from the surgery takes about 1 week. Since they are left open, the surgical area should be properly covered. This is the reason why itching may become a common cause. Another possible reason for infections is because of unsterilized surgery tools. Though it is not likely to happen, you may not have to worry about the harmful infections that are set to cause.


Another side effect of using Microneedling is the sudden feel of peeling. This may not be because of internal problems, but it may be because the skin has gone dry. When a surgery takes place, it leaves dead skin cells around the area. This will cause immense skin peeling issues in the affected area. The surrounding skin is now dry and it may not require severe treatment. However, if you are facing continuous itching, you may try to apply some ointment.


If you are suffering from hair loss, opting for a Microneedling treatment for hair could do wonders for you. However, there are certain things that you must know about once you decide to move on. Without consulting a certified surgical expert, opting for a Microneedling surgery will never help you to get a successful surgery. If you are opting for complete setup and procedure, you can take the help of the guide mentioned above to know all.

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