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How to Tell If You are Smoking MSM

MSM is a supplement that is most commonly used to strengthen cartilage in the body. It looks similar to meth when processed and doesn't have any serious side effects.

Zack Bone
Aug 29, 2020

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Consumption of meth that is sold on the streets today isn't just dangerous as itself, it frequently contains substances that can make it even more damaging to the body. These additions, which can be anything from sugars to milk powders, to other drugs or substances – looks like methamphetamine. One of the most common additives used for cutting meth is the chemical methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and in this article, we look at how to tell if you're smoking MSM.

Are You Smoking MSM?

MSM is a supplement that is most commonly used to strengthen cartilage in the body. It looks similar to meth when processed and doesn't have any serious side effects.

From when the meth is purchased by the person who intends to use it, it's likely passed through many hands, starting with the actual manufacturer and then through various dealers. At each step along the way, a dealer can alter the drug by "cutting" it, or mixing in additives. Dealers do this to increase the weight of the meth so they can make more money from selling it. In other words, if they can buy a kilogram of meth, cut it with a substance, and then sell one and a half kilograms, their profit is bigger. This is the same as adding water to milk to sell more.

The meth that is sold on the streets isn't cut in the same manner as other drugs like heroin and cocaine by the manufacturers. It is typically cut with adulterants that have no additional effect on users, instead, it just lowers the actual amount of methamphetamine in what's sold.

What Is MSM?

Crystal methamphetamine is an artificially formed drug that is made from methamphetamine. It received this nickname because it resembles an actual ice crystal. You may also hear crystal meth referred to as glass. It's usually smoked with a pipe, but it is also sometimes cooked and injected into the body intravenously.

MSM is on the other hand a sulphur-based compound that is found naturally in both plants and animals. It is often used legitimately as a supplement that helps alleviate certain medical conditions, like arthritis. It's often coupled with other supplements, like chondroitin or glucosamine. MSM is used to relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. This compound is used as a cutting additive for meth because it is similar in appearance to meth and it isn't dangerous.

What Does MSM Look Like?

MSM offers several advantages that make it the most common choice for dealers when cutting crystal meth. Basically, it is a white, crystalline powder that can be easily combined with the drug without leaving a residue. MSM is highly soluble and is typically added to the crystal meth during the last stages of production. MSM is also odorless, so it isn't as detectable as some of the other cutting agents that are used. As a result, meth that is cut with MSM usually seems to be uncut because once the meth and MSM are combined and the finished product cools, the MSM recrystallizes, looking identical to pure crystal meth.

How to Tell If You're Smoking MSM

Because MSM looks like meth and doesn't smell, it can be hard to tell if you're smoking MSM. That said, there are some ways that users may be able to determine if there is MSM in their supply of meth.

Crystal meth is not tough and can typically be crushed fairly easily just using your fingers. MSM is stronger and harder to crush this way. So, if someone is crushing the meth to snort it, they should be able to tell if it has been cut with MSM because it will be more difficult to crush.

Another way on how to tell if you're smoking MSM is to cut into the drug because the process of heating the compound and then the compound re-solidifying is somewhat strange. When it is heated, as it melts, you will hear it making cracking and sizzling sounds. Then, it will become a runny liquid. When it re-crystalizes, it will take longer if there is MSM mixed into the drug. Additionally, when it does re-solidify, the patterns that are created will look different.

If that isn't enough to alert users that the crystal meth is cut with MSM, inhaling the vapors from the compound should make it easy to determine. While the unheated MSM is odorless, when it is melted to smoke, it has a strong aroma and unpleasant flavor. Some users will simply taste the crystal meth to see if it has a pungent taste. If it does, then it's likely cut with MSM.

One last method that is used to figure out if crystal meth is cut with MSM is simply feeling the crystal meth with your fingers. Usually, MSM has a moist or wet texture that will stick to your fingers. As a result, MSM evaporates quicker when it's burned in a pipe, leaving very little smoke behind. You can test it this way.

What Does MSM Taste Like?

MSM can taste different to different people. That's because there is a genetic component that plays a part in taste, especially when it comes to tasting bitterness. However, other users may find that it doesn't taste like anything at all. For the users who do find it bitter, some find that to be a barrier to using it.

MSM Crackback Pattern

As mentioned earlier, when MSM is combined with crystal meth and heated to smoke, it will leave a different looking pattern on the inside of the pipe when it cools and res-solidifies. The residue that becomes solid again inside the pipe is known as the "crackback." The pattern that is created is different depending on how pure the meth is and what it is cut with.

Whatever the additive is though, it will take longer for the crystal meth to return to a solid state than if there were no additives, just pure meth. Pure meth has a fractal crackback pattern that starts from one point and shoots out. With MSM, the crackback pattern tends to be more geometric, like a series of tiny squares or circles that are stacked one on top of another.

In conclusion, crystal methamphetamine, no matter where you buy it, is almost assuredly not very pure or safe for health. As it can lead to higher levels of unpredictability, differing potencies of the meth, and consuming unknown substances, crystal meth is never a safe thing to do. The drug is harmful to the body in any amount and may even be fatal. Consumption or smoking of meth with other additives, makes an already seriously dangerous behavior even riskier.

Additionally, meth, like other substances, can lead to addiction, which is detrimental to the user, even extending to the people most close to you. Lastly, think about the physical, emotional, and relational problems that can arise when addiction is involved that can destroy families and lives. The good news is that addiction is a treatable condition that many have come out of.

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